Using the command shell

Some of the docs and tutorials on this site assume that you know how to navigate the file system using the terminal (whether it be on Windows, Linux, or Mac). For example, working with the computer-vision and groundstation projects is alot easier to do on the command line than with a GUI. In both cases, it isn't possible to setup either of these projects without touching the command line.

A recommended tutorial you can checkout is CodeAcademy's Command Line Course. They guide you through using bash to navigate the file system, run commands, etc. The course is free and should only take you about 3 hours. It's interactive and will teach you how to use the shell far better than we can ;).

Note: This course teaches bash (which is what runs on linux by default). It is however far better than the Windows CMD and you can install and use it on Windows by downloading and installing something like cmder.