Here at WARG we use GrabCad Workbench for all of our CAD file management. It is a service like Google Drive and Github that's specially designed for sharing CAD files.

NOTE: We require that all CAD files (non-bootcamp) are uploaded to GrabCad. Please Do not directly send screenshots, stl files, or solidworks files directly to team leads or review! Send them the grabcad link instead


GrabCad is completely free, and features:

  • Syncing CAD files
  • Viewing CAD files from within a web browser
  • Revision storage and rollback
  • Attaching comments to files

That revision storage is a big one. We no longer have to have multiple files delimited by versions. Grabcad lets you view and rollback to previous version of the CAD file, in case something goes wrong.

How it works

Much like Github, GrabCad creates a new revision of the file when it detects a change in the file. GrabCad doesn't sync automatically, and instead waits for you to issue an upload. It does this so that a single file doesnt have hundreds of revisions from every time you've saved the file.

How to get started

After you've completed the bootcamp, you will be able granted access to the WARG GrabCad.

To do this:

  1. Sign up here:
  2. Request that a team lead send you a GrabCad invite to the WARG group
  3. Download and install the GrabCad desktop app