Computer-Vision Bootcamp


WARG members often find that joining this team requires more knowledge and has a larger learning curve than other student teams. Once members have acquired this knowledge they gain a lot of confidence and are able to make large contributions to the team. Therefore, this Bootcamp is designed as a first task to be completed to both help you through the learning curve and to familiarize you with our system and conventions. The hope is that once you complete this Bootcamp you will feel confident and hopefully have acquired enough skills such that you are ready to take on tasks with the main software project! Just a quick disclaimer, this Bootcamp will help accelerate and minimize the learning curve but it will not give you all knowledge. The remaining knowledge will be acquired through completing other tasks with the team.

1. Fork and Setup Local Project

For full instructions on how to setup your environment, check out computer vision documentation

Forks can be created using the fork button in the top right of the Github Interface (you need to be signed into a Github account).

Clone your fork with either:

git clone

if you want to use ssh or

git clone

for https

2. Code

Your task is to implement merge sort (or indeed a different sorting algorithm if you wish).

Your code must be implemented in a module (see the included core module for an example) and must:

  • Follow our style guide
  • Build using CMake
  • Be well documented using doxygen-formatted comments
  • Be tested using Boost Test

See contributing for an example and more information.

You are also welcome to implement something different if you want, but please run your idea by a computer-vision lead first.

3. Submit

To submit your bootcamp project you should create a pull request. Note that this does not mean you are done, we will review your pull request and give you feedback and you will be expected to update it so that if meets all requirements.

Once your pull request has been merged you are ready to work on the Computer Vision project.